Montessori Celebration

Yesterday we had the honor of celebrating the beautiful women of Madenet Al Salam. We celebrated 2 years of hard work and development of 8 women who took Montessori course (5 levels) and passed all their tests and done all their assignments. This celebration’s main aim was for them to share with us how this course changed them, and how they saw Montessori method change their children and their lives.

The celebration started with a warm welcome from our chairman of the board of trustee, Madam Zohor Bernaba. We were inspired by her talk about how the change really starts from building a balanced child and sharing his journey of growth with him. she talked about the importance and the honor of being a teacher, how special it is, and the effect it has in a child’s life. a beautiful thank you message to all teachers who are working hard on themselves to be a part of the change in a child’s life and in this community.

i learned from my experience with Montessori method that order is a way of living and so i wasn’t only teaching children how to be organized, committed, and calm in class. but also i applied all this in my own home

Ms. Martha Neseem, Montessori Teacher

What Our Teachers said:

Few of the most important points our graduates mentioned that they learned are the following:

  • Observing the phases of child growth.
  • knowing the needs of the child in each phase.
  • knowing how to fulfill those needs in a healthy way.
  • understanding that building a healthy environment is a base to helping the child develop well.
  • understanding the importance of inner peace in a child’s life.

It was lovely to have a coffee and chat with those amazing women. we were blessed to see that acts of true love and kindness can come in its smallest forms, that people can change the world starting from their small areas and with 10 kids in a class.

We are so proud of you, and we can’t wait to see more of your light in Dar el Salam.

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