Fear & Anxiety


Parents sometimes worry about their child being too shy. If you do this, it can be good to realise that in most cases, shyness is a phase that lasts for a period of time and ends without any requirement for external intervention.


Perfectionism means that the child strives to be perfect and cannot tolerate not succeeding in what they do. As a result of their perfectionism, the child becomes easily frustrated.

Low Self-Esteem

It’s not uncommon for parents or caregivers to believe that a child’s problems are caused by low self-esteem. In most cases, I suggest that the opposite is true: your child has low self-esteem because of a problem.

Fears & Phobias

A wide variety of fears are commonplace in children. In a similar way to adults, children can also develop a fear of just about anything. Common items that children are afraid of include insects, dogs, cats, darkness.

Selective Mustism

The term ‘selective mutism’ is used for children who speak normally when they’re at home but don’t want or dare to speak with anyone outside their family.

Separation Anxiety

If leaving your tearful and unhappy child in someone else’s care feels overwhelming, think about how you can use Kids’Skills to help solve the problem in a gentle and playful manner.