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“Our goal is not so much the imparting of knowledge as the unveiling and developing of spiritual energy.”

Dr. Maria Montessori

Who We Are

Welcome to Love to Serve for All Website! Since you are here, we can imagine you are here because you care for someone, a human. We started our organization since 2017 because we also care for humans. As our slogan says “A better human, for a better life” we aim to help humans – of all ages, all genders, any nationality, no matter the difference – to live a better life and to serve this life afterwards.

We provide services for children, parents, educators and youth. And we aim to not only provide knowledge, but also a an action plan, and a supportive environment to help you through your journey in life. To know more about our services check “our services”, “our events” or “contact us” to know more. We are excited to get to know you and to help you in your journey.

Our Goals

We serve different segments and we have lots of dreams, we would love to share some with you:

  • Encourage the use of positive education that suits every educational level.
  • Support organizations that focus on child development.
  • Raise awareness of mental health
  • Support social and career development
  • Create educational programs to support every age.
  • Support youth through preparing them for the market

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liza final web

Liza Van Der Linde

Educational consultant and trainer

Ms.Liza van der Linde is an expert in education for more than 35 year....

esraa final web

Esraa Raouf


Esraa graduated from South Valley University College of Education. She volunteered for a while...

zohor final web

Zohor Bernaba

Director & Chairman

Mrs. Zohor worked for more than 20 years in the field of publishing and...

remon final web

Dr. Remon Kanas


Dr. Remon has Master degree in Psychiatry and Neurology, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams...