A Team Of Humans To Serve Humans

Our team is a group of people who mainly love people, see the best in them and can’t wait for them to explode their full potentials. We are honored to be working with these people and we can’t wait for this team to grow!

Get to know them!

zohor final web

Zohor Bernaba

Director & Chairman

Mrs. Zohor worked for more than 20 years in the field of publishing and an amazing mother and now she decided to support our community by bringing Love2Serve4All to Life!

Liza Van Der Linde

Educational consultant and trainer

Ms.Liza van der Linde is an expert in education for more than 35 year. She has a Diploma in Montessori education.As a Dutch educator and trainer, she has worked in the Netherlands, France, and over the last decades in Egypt.  She trained many preschool-teachers and teachers in primary-schools, also she set up a number of Montessori preschools.

As an educator Ms.Liza understands very well how learning happens and has guided many children with developmental delays and learning problems.

As a Montessori trainer she has been involved in parent-training sessions and worked as a supervisor, trainer, and consultant in many places in Egypt, from Alexandria till Luxor, in the big cities and in the countryside.

As a program writer Liza has developed several learning programs for young children and children with special needs like MIDO in the World of Letters, And So I Learn and MIDO in the World of Numbers.

Martina Kamal

Member of the Board of Trustees

She graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Helwan University. She is a wife and an amazing young mama. She has been working in accounting for years and she has joined our board in 2017. “The instructors and team helped me lot in expanding my understanding and knowledge during my pregnancy and now while raising my son” Martina said. ” I loved that this organization is opened just to serve people. and that was the main reason why i decided to be a part of it”.

Nancy Zahgar

Treasurer and Board member

Nancy has Bachelor’s degree, Education Department, English Language. She worked as an teacher for pre-school, KG, and primary stages for more than 20 years. A wife and loving mother of two young men. She loved that Love2serve is working on building principles and improving the behavior of the children while also supporting the family and guiding them to support their children. In addition that we are a non profit organization which meant that the whole focus is on serving people.

Bassem Zahgar

Secretary and Board Member

Bassem is a Chinese tour guide and a loving husband and father of two beautiful daughters. Bassem joined our organization since day one. He loved that Love2Serve is an amazing pathway for serving our society and for a better future for our kids and families through better method of education and supporting the families, and as a father he was hoping that through helping love2serve that he can help to build a healthier and brighter future for his family.

Hala Adel

Executive secretarial

Hala graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Education, Helwan University. A wife and mother of two amazing children, she has been in the administrative business for many years. Hala said, “I got to know about the institution through courses for mothers about raising children and how she acquired many skills and this made a difference in dealing with her children, and therefore encouraged her to be part of this organization.

Selvia Magdy


Selvia is a graduate of a Bachelor’s degree in computers and information systems. She is a new amazing teacher who loves L2S a lot. I loved the institution’s system and the team of teachers. There is a sweet spirit, love and communication, and I felt that the team is one soul and one body, and although I am a new member of the organization, but I felt that it was my home and that I was among my family, and I saw and felt love and tenderness towards the children. I learned many things in the institution, including communication, participation and self-confidence, and I also developed in my personal life as a mother, such as how I learn to communicate with my children and develop our skills I learned Montessori and many nice things. May God bless the institution and be a light for all people.” Selvia said.