What We Have To Offer

Love2Serve is willing to serve EVERYONE we can help. we have new ideas and hopes everyday. Here we would love to share with you what we are planning and what criterias we are are working on.

kids works with Mido program


Education to us doesn’t mean school subjects we are talking about all skills the child needs to grow as a balanced human being, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Education fills three aspects: The child, Parents, and educators.

For children we have different programs for children with different problems, some programs are for children with behavioral problems, others for slow learners, others for general behavior development and skills. Our programs are also divided according to age groups that have the same level of development and we take in consideration other developmental aspects.

We also support parents in understanding their child better and guiding them in how to help them at home. this happens through either workshops, support groups, or individual sessions.

Finally, We build educators knowledge and skills to understand children more and the support them in a way to help them grow. We do this throw awareness courses about children psychology in general. we train them special education methodologies like Montessori. And we also train them on different schooling programs .

Developing social and professional skills

Part of our aims is to support young adults to understand how to market place is working and to support them in creating their own goals for a career and a life for themselves. We aim to help them find meaning to their lives and develop the skills needed for the careers they want to proceed and provide all the support and knowledge and tools they need to move forward with their lives and dreams.

These services come in many forms. more academic courses like language and computer programming courses. Others are more focused on awareness, like workshops about the market place. Also support groups so we can always be there for their needs and support whenever we can


Psychological Health

Our team of counsellors and psychologists and psychiatrists are here to help everyone! Through workshops about different psychological aspects, or support groups, or even individual sessions. We have someone for every age and need.

Health and Environment Awareness

Concerning health we find it a very important aspect of our goals. We are aiming in increasing the overall awareness about health and first aid to all people no matter where they live or their social level, Also workshops for newly weds and pregnant women are a huge part of our goals. Helping people understand their bodies and its needs and how to live a healthy life and get along with their bodies is so important to us.

And since we live on this planet its also important for us to build awareness on our environmental situation. Going green and how to help our planet heal through small acts of love towards it and teaching our children how to love and care for their planet and how to appreciate beauty is our goal.



We believe we can’t do everything alone, and our team – no matter how big – is still small. We are looking forward to collaborate with other pre-schools, schools, universities, organizations or even groups who have passion towards any aspect and we would love to help turn their passion into reality, through trainings, and advising sessions in the fields we have experts in. We are excited for ideas as long as it’s for the good of people